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Additional skeins

This year's advent calendar is based on the Art Nouveau style. This style was popular between 1890 and 1910 and predominantly featured designs inspired by plants and flowers. It was used in the design of many things from textiles to graphic posters to lamps and architecture. As such it gives a large swath of inspiration for yarn colourways.

This year's advent will include:

  • 24 mini skeins (20g each) + 1 full coordinating skein (100g)
  • a large quilted drawstring bucket bag, fully lined, with pocket and handle (31 cm tall x 23 cm square) in some yummy William Morris inspired fabric
  • a hand beaded Christmas tree decoration in the style of Art Nouveau
  • a few edible and non-edible treats and pretties that are a surprise!

YARN BASE: In previous years, a Merino/Nylon base has seemed to be preferred, so that is what I will be using again this year. It will be an 80% merino, 20% nylon mix, 399 yards / 365 metres per 100g.

COLOURWAYS: Art Nouveau often used colours that were bold but muted earthy colours, with occasional splashes of more vivid blues, purples and pinks.

SHIPPING: Advents will be shipped in the last week of October through to the first week of November 2024 to ensure they arrive in time for December 1st. As such if you wish to purchase other in-stock items please create separate order.

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