Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
How can I contact you?
How do updates work?
Do you accept custom orders?
What do you use to dye your yarn?
I understand that you have a dog, but I'm allergic to them. Does this mean I can't knit with your yarn?
How do I care for projects knit out of Lovebird Lane Yarns?
I purchased more than one skein of the same colourway, but they look slightly different. What's going on?
Why don't you ball your self striping yarn?
I started caking/balling my yarn, but now it's become a huge tangled mess! Can I get a replacement skein?
I’m an LYS owner and would like to stock your yarns. Do you take wholesale orders?
Do you do trunk shows?
I received a shipment notification, but when I check the tracking info, there is no data. Where is my stuff?
Do you reserve listings?
I don’t have a swift and/or ball winder. Can you wind my skein(s) for me?
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